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02 Jul 2018 

71st Indian Independence Day

It's time to remember our brave-hearts, the freedom fighters, whose soul remains forever in our heart. Without their sacrifice this day would have not been a reality. In the last 71 years, India has progressed and emerged as modern India that is appreciated and recognised in the world not just as the biggest democracy but also as a country of extraordinary talents, emerging economy, modern health care, science and technology, business tycoons, entrepreneurs, executives, literature, and, very importantly, its culture, values, brotherhood and diversity. I am sure, we all are, undoubtedly, proud of our nation.

On the other hand, there is something that calls for our action before it becomes too late. Increasing incidents of crime against oppressed and women, public insensitivity towards road accident victims, lose-tempered behaviors leading to murder even for a pity incident, and insidious corruption everywhere force us to rethink whether we are building our nation in the same way that our great freedom-fighters dreamt of. In the hustle and bustle of our busy life, perhaps its time to take break and think of building a better society for the next generation. A better society means a happy society. A happy society requires us to be happy.

To be happy, we should enjoy what we do and respect others and their opinions. As we celebrate our 71th Independence Day, lets decide two points. First, be happy. Enjoy what you do, what you get. Look happiness in everyday life. While we must plan our future, we must also enjoy small incidents that our life, our family and our society have to offer. They are plenty, for everyone, everyday. Just we need to change our perspective to discover them. Second, respect the freedom of others as you expect others to do for you.

Take time to understand others point when there is disagreement or argument. Help a needy. Dont be afraid of the system when you help a needy. Remember our ancestors, the brave-hearts, who even sacrificed their lives for us, for better of us. I know, its easier said than done. But we must give a try. Change starts from within. All we need is just a small step towards this change.
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29 Jun 2018 

Google wants to revolutionize SMS with the launch of a new email service

TEXTO 2.0 To compete with Messenger and iMessages and impose its standard on all phones, Google has forged many partnerships
After Talk, Hangouts, Allo, up Chat, Google's new email service. With this new tool, the US giant intends to modernize the SMS.

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28 Jun 2018 

Yahoo: five years in prison for a cyberattack

A Canadian was sentenced to five years in jail on Tuesday for a major cyber-attack on the Yahoo giant who, according to US officials, was allegedly orchestrated by spies from the Russian government.
US judge Vince Chhabria also fined Karim Baratov $ 250,000 (CDN $ 325,500).

The 23-year-old, born in Kazakhstan and resident of Hamilton, Ontario, pleaded guilty to all nine counts against him. He admitted to hacking thousands of email accounts for seven years until he was arrested last year.

US authorities have referred to Mr Baratov as a "professional hacker" paid by members of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) to access these accounts.

According to the US Department of Justice, the Canadian used phishing techniques to encourage his victims to enter their information into web pages he had created himself that resembled the home page of their email account. .

Mr. Baratov's lawyers claimed that their client did not know he was working for the Russian agency.

Karim Baratov was arrested in Hamilton in March 2017 under the Extradition Act after US authorities accused him of computer hacking, industrial espionage and other crimes.

After his guilty plea, his lawyers told reporters that he had only hacked eight accounts, and that he did not know he was working for the Russians blamed for the cyberattack.

"He has been transparent and candid with the government since he arrived here," said Andrew Mancilla.

In August 2017, Mr. Baratov decided to waive his extradition hearing to face the charges directly in California. His Canadian lawyer at the time said his client wanted to speed up the court process.

Russian agents Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin are also accused in this case. According to prosecutors, they used information stolen from Yahoo to spy on Russian journalists, Russian and US government officials, as well as financial services employees and other private companies.

Messrs. Dokuchaev and Sushchin, as well as a third individual of Russian origin, Alexsey Belan, were named in the indictment filed in February. Since the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Russia, it is not certain that these three defendants will be brought to justice in the United States.

US authorities have already accused Russian cyber-hackers, but this was the first case where the government identified the defendants as part of the Russian secret service, according to the Justice Department.

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28 Jun 2018 

Wealthtab now helps to synchronize customer data

Wealthtab, which once helped start-ups grow, changed its business in late 2016 to engage in synchronization and validation of customer information.

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